We all want to step away from the usual and reach destinations of choice. Away Education helps you pave the right path to success and
enable successful careers. There are far more things involved in creating the right experience for your overseas career journey than
choosing the institute. Our experienced consultants help you identify the right target and plan smart milestones to achieve it.
We could have been like any other consultants but we choose to differ, for us the honesty in our suggestion and the experience of your
journey matter the most. Your career is not another case for us but if a life that we need to navigate.

Where there is a will there’s A-way.

We enable Career Counselling, Country comparison, Applications, and admissions, Study Visa assistance, Travel assistance at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. We are a one-stop solution for all your overseas education needs.

Away Education is a trusted advisor of overseas education consulting solutions and is being built by experienced industry professionals. For us providing value-based services to students is of prime importance. We guide international institutes in student recruitment, institutional tie-ups, and market sentiment capturing.

As pioneers in global education, we are disinter mediating the existing structure of services, and re-igniting our business model to help transform individuals and businesses in the backdrop of a border less world.

Away Education is best known for its comprehensive Support services. We offer open enrollment sessions and on-site seminars specifically tailored for Students. We conduct more focused conferences in collaboration with our partner Universities. Each seminar is designed to be a complete learning experience as we blend our presentations with interactive exercises, case studies, group discussions. Our commitment to providing high-quality education services is unmatched.

We like to do things differently. Call it our obsession with the experience of our students and parents. Because when you dream of a career, the formalities and hassles are the last things we want you to get bothered about. Leave it into the able hands of experts who will manage the complete profess professionally but with a caring touch.

Like to take charge of your career?