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Where there is a will there’s A-way. We enable Career Counselling, Country comparison, Applications, and admissions, Study Visa assistance, Travel assistance at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. We are a one-stop solution for all your overseas education needs. Away Education is a trusted advisor of overseas education consulting solutions and is being built by experienced industry professionals. For us providing value-based services to students is of prime importance. We guide international institutes in student recruitment, institutional tie-ups, and market sentiment capturing.

Popular Destinations

. Canada .

With over 260,000 international students, Canada is one of the top ranking yet affordable study location abroad.

. US .

It's been one of the top location to study at for years. With one of the best institutes in almost every field of study, US is the land of unlimited opportunities

. UK .

With coat effective, flexible yet high class education institutes at every corner, UK has emerged as one of the biggest international student attractio

. Ireland .

From a safe and english speaking enviornment to a creative and innovative one, the island nation of Ireland has a lot to offer to it's students

. Australia .

High standard of living, quality education and a plethora of opportunities is what Australia has to offer to it's students both international and domestic

. New Zealand .

With a bustling, flexible and fun student culture, it is considered a gold mine of institutes and opportunities in away education


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